Monday, December 15, 2008

"We'll be greeted as liberators!"

Yesterday I asked a conservative friend of mine what he thought the legacy of George W Bush would be. He proceeded to talk about how he's kept the US safe from another terror attack. When asked why 9/11 doesn't count against him, he said he was only 9 months in and it was more Clinton's fault (never mind that 9 months is about 20% of a term). Then he proceeded to talk about how the economic meltdown was a combination of several factors (which is true) and he can't be blamed for that either. At the end of our chat I was left wondering what he thinks Bush is actually responsible for.

There may be some debate within our borders as to what W means, but as for the rest of the world, as this shoe symbolizes nicely, there is no doubt.


Lisa said...

If all the man had to throw was his shoes that proves security is doing their job.
I'm sure there are people who can find fault in everything W has done and there are others who can only see the successes he's made.
The best we can hope for is someone who makes the most beneficial decision for our country's majority with whatever information they have at the time.

jack b. said...

agreed, the guy was on the ground before the second shoe hit the floor. the secret service is on point.

i agree with your point about what we can hope for. my problem with bush is that it seems like he was convinced since he was pesident, it made him smarter than everyone else. and, thus, if he disagreed with someone (take WMDs in Iraq for example), than that was the right thing to do. i think he's the most dangerous type of man: the one who isn't even aware of why he's dangerous.

Lisa said...

Any good leader should be willing to admit when he or she is wrong. You don't have to dwell on it, but you have to see the mistake, be willing to correct, and learn from it.