Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Help Me Die

This story is about a man who is diagnosed with motor neurone disease which would rob him of all his motor skills, including swallowing. He ultimately decides to request assisted suicide. The twist is that he hires Oscar-winning Canadian documentary director John Zaritsky to film a documentary about it which will be shown on TV in the UK tonight.

I'm not sure what to feel. Reading his story saddens me. I hope I never presented with the options he was presented with.

The words of a man who knows he's about to die seem to carry extra weight:

Speaking three days before his death, he said: 'There are people who will say, 'Suicide is wrong, God has forbidden it. You cannot play God and take your own life'.
'But if somebody wants to take their own life obviously they feel a reason for that. We may not think it's a good reason but it is that person's life.

'I have had a pretty good run. I think I can take my bow and say, 'Thanks, it has been fun, I would do it again'.'

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