Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Say it ain't so, Joe!

So it turns out JTP found himself appalled by McCain. Why am I not surprised? Most Americans figured that one out before 'ol Joe did.

Money Quote:

When I was on the bus with him, I asked him a lot of questions about the bailout because most Americans did not want that to happen,” Wurzelbacher [said]. “I asked him some pretty direct questions,” he continued. “Some of the answers…they appalled me, absolutely. I was angry.

"In fact, I wanted to get off the bus after I talked to him."

Me thinks you won't hear any more 'I am Joe' chants at future McCain rallies.


Ashlee said...

It just so happens that this is the most unifying issue in recent years--everyone seems to agree that the bailout is at least a little sketchy. The sad part is that this wouldn't even be an issue if McCain hadn't tried to make his opinion seem more important than mine.

jack b. said...

i'm not sure what to make of all the bailout business. the way the various executives present a 'the sky is falling' scenario makes them seem very legitimate. who knows...