Friday, December 19, 2008

Blago World

The embattled Governor of Illinois made his first (serious) statement since his arrest on a litany of corruption charges last week:

My gut read on this guy since the story broke was "This guy is slimey". But I've also been put off by the rush to throw him out of office and strip him of all power. This is still America, right? We still have the whole presumption of innocence thing working for us, no?

So, in all likely hood this guy will do time for his infractions, but lets let the facts be judged in the appropriate venue.

I will say, though, as I watch this video I think there are one of three things going on internally with the Gov'na. 1)delusion. 2)ignorance. or my favorite 3) lie, lie till you die. Actually, its probably a little of all three. When the US attorney's office says they have you on tape trying to hauck and extort your way to easy street, its a little more than a witch hunt.

I think he's trying to hold onto his job for as long as possible because its the only thing of value he has to offer in a deal. The people of the state will suffer everyday he's still in office, and he wants to use that fact to shave some time off his inevitable sentence in the big house. I don't think he believes any of what he is saying here....

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget, the whole presumption of innocence thing has to do with our constitutional protections regarding criminal prosecution and has nothing at all to do with political processes like impeachment. He could legally and ethically be impeached but still found innocent criminally of all charges. As long as the state legislature sees fit to remove him from power, no matter their reasons, they have the right to do so under the law. And if they feel the comments he made on tape were worthy, they could toss him out on his butt, even if a court of law might find that no crimes were ever committed.

That out-of-pace argument is similar to people claiming freedom of speech when they say something dumb at work and get fired. Freedom of speech protects you from be arrested for saying something stupid, but it doesn't mean you are legally entitled to keep your job.