Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I didn't like the line in [Obama's] speech...about how we don't have to compromise our values to protect ourselves. I think sometimes we do. I think sometimes we have to be realistic and do things that aren't Army-Field-Manual polite. We can't give the Lazy-E-Boys to the captured terrorists. We can't give them the iced tea and wind chimes. And I think that was oversimplifying, and kind of a cheap shot at the Bush administration. ... [Liberals] would torture the hell out of Bush if they could, can you imagine?" -Bill O'Riely on his show yesterday.

I typically don't have a problem with Bill. I listen to/watch his show from time to time. He obviously leans to the right, but I think he presents his arguments well and I feel like he tries to stay away from mud-slinging. But when I heard this on my drive home last night, my mouth fell agape.

If we have to compromise our values, why are we any better than those who commit acts of terror? Really, Bill?!? Really???

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