Monday, January 19, 2009

8 Years in 8 Minutes.

I watch Kieth Olbermann every night. He is hyper-partisan and makes no apologies for it, but he makes his points clearly and he's funny, so I tolerate him. This video is a pretty amazing collection of what he considers to have been the high-lights of the Bush Presidency. Now, I don't necessarily condone the tone with which he does it, and he obviously leaves out any good that Bush did; but that being said, the facts are the facts. Now, I'll grant him this: anyone who has all of their failures collected and heaped together in a montage will look pretty bad, but them's the brakes when you're El Presidente', no?

As I was watching this all I could think was: "How did we let this happen?". This is must see TV. I hope we have all learned something.

A fitting tribute for his final day, I think.

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Lisa said...

Wow! I agree that it is harsh hearing all the bad, but a lot of that is huge!
I do think that we have more fear now thanks to the past 8 years.