Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feltron Report

(Click image to see larger version)

Imagine if you catalogued your entire year. How many miles you walked, how many texts you sent, how many emails you read, how many songs you listened to, how many hours you spent playing games, every time you ate out, how much you spent on subway fare, etc...

What would that look like?

Something like this.


Jason said...

Yes Jack, one of the best thought in the world. I kinda have envisioned Heaven in this way. Me in a room that I could spend eternity finding useless facts on some glorious, heavenly superdatabase. I liked this thought the most when I was younger and wondered what I might be the best the world.

jack b. said...

I think you and i share a brain sometimes. Maybe its the only-child
syndrome. I have had the same thoughts about heaven. I also had
thoughts about my uniqueness in the world. Not about what i may be the
best at, but what i may have been the first to do. Like: i might be
the first black person to ever live in ponte vedra, attend a system of
a down show, see a game at lambeau field and work at american express.
There can't be too many of those people can they?