Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Legacy of Git-Mo

(From The Daily Beast) Muhammad Saad Iqbal was never charged with a crime, but the six years he spent in U.S. custody were a nightmare. Iqbal was arrested in Indonesia in 2002 and judged by American officials not to be a threat. (He had bragged about building a shoe bomb.) But he was taken to Egypt anyway, where he says he was given electric shocks and beaten and made to stand for days. At Guantanamo, he repeatedly tried to commit suicide. Iqbal is now planning to sue the United States. “Who is responsible for the seven years of my life?” he said.

Read his story here.

I was just as indignant as anyone post 9/11. The country, rightfully so, wanted revenge and those responsible to be brought to justice. But these stories and the policies that made them possible were an over-reaction. Someone should be held responsible.

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