Monday, February 16, 2009


(Brett Favre and his wife after what I consider to be his best game ever, December 22 2003, on Monday Night Football, the day after losing his father.)

Brett Favre retired again this last week, and I believe its the end this time. I've been a Favre fan as long as I've liked football. I've never seen a season he wasn't a part of and until this year, I had never seen a Packer game he didn't play in. I have always been a Packer fan, but Brett had always been there. I wasn't sure if my love for the team would wain in his absence. It didn't, but I expected less of them.

His retirement is bitter-sweet for me. Its an end of a great era in pro-football. As a Packer fan I don't think I'll ever see a greater Packer player. So for that, I'm sad. I am also happy because I didn't want to see him continue to get old and abused physically and in the press.

I though i should write something in memoriam of his great career, but I don't think I have the words. His play spoke for itself. He wasn't flawless, but his flaws seemed to endear you to him more. He won more than any other QB ever, but his losses seem to tell you more about him. I hope we treasured our time as fans of his. I did.

Happy trails to the GOAT...

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