Friday, February 6, 2009

Dubai, Ctd.

I wrote about my concern about all the expansion going on in Dubai a few weeks ago. Well, they haven't heard my cry:

Waterfront Dubai, according to Wiki: expected to become the largest waterfront and largest man-made development in the world. The project is a conglomeration of canals and artificial islands; it will occupy the last remaining Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai, the most populous emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It will consist of a series of zones with mixed use including commercial, residential, resort, and amenity areas. The vision of the project is "to create a world-class destination for residents, visitors and businesses in the world's fastest growing city"

When done it'll look something like this:

Again, my concern is sustainability. How long can this keep going? What happens when they hit a depression? This has given me an idea for another post. Standby....

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