Friday, August 28, 2009

Where is the Right on Torture?

Andrew makes a great point:

It is not the amoral discussion of torture that appalls me; it's the amoral discussion proffered without any moral discussion ever being offered.

And to go straight to the amoral argument without dealing with the fact that the government secretly and illegally, walled, froze, beat, contorted, stripped, shaved, near-drowned, near-suffocated, and denied sleep for hundreds of hours to unknown numbers of prisoners and murdered 100 of them that we know of - this befuddles me. It was illegal; it was unethical by any standard of ethics; it was immoral and indecent; it required a conscious subversion of democratic norms to accomplish; and it is a terrifying precedent in a country allegedly founded on the rule of law. I do not understand how a libertarian cannot stand up against this and be counted - for once and for all on the grounds that is remains the greatest violation of individual liberty and dignity and due process in recent times in America.

Where are the "values voters" on this? Where is the religious right? Where are the civil libertarians? Where are the advocates for the rule of law that demanded the head of a President caught lying under oath about his sexual exploits? Was it ever about the rule of law? Is it all politics all the time?

If even one of the things on this list was done to an American by another government, can you imagine the response you'd get from them then?

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