Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thank God for Rachel


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Rush, Sean, Neal, and Mark. People like Rachel have forgot what made and makes this country great. My response to her story: SO WHAT! Where was Rachel when every wacko liberal was beating a 5 gallon drum protesting the war? Or, where was Rachel when every Democratic leader was saying the war was lost, our troops are murders, etc.? No wonder her TV rating are at the bottom. Who cares if these people are Republicans? Did anyone care that the war protesters were liberal wackos? The simple fact is that elitist liberals like "Rachel" can't stand the fact that Americans who actually work for a living and don't depend on the Government for everything actually care enough about our future to speak out against government tyranny (i.e. government run health care).

jack b. said...

really? thank god for Rush? we're talking about Limbaugh, right? well, i'll just leave that alone to hang in the air for what it is... to answer your first question, she didn't have a TV show when Bush was lying to us about Iraq. if she had, she'd have done some actual journalism and might have gotten some of her peers to do the same and maybe could have spared a couple hundred thousand lives. but who cares about that, right? the dems were wrong to say it was lost, the reps were wrong to say we won. this war is unwinable, but thats another matter... ah, ratings. cause we all know the best way to judge the quality of a show is by how many people watch it, right? by that measure american idol is the most important show in the history of the world, and by contrast, all that actual journalism being done on PBS and NPR is worthless. right? or did i take you wrong there? i would encourage you, whoever you are, in future debates to refrain from using words such as "wackos" and calling people "elitist" as if it was a crime to know something. you will find that your debates are much more mutually edifying if you do. (i have a blog post on this topic called Fair Minded Words. if you read it, try not to dismiss the message because of the messenger. there is good stuff there.) until that point, you'll yell your points, your supposed debate partner will yell theirs, and you'll both learn nothing. this clip was all about productive listening, thats what we need more of now, not less. thanks for you comment, though. i appreciate it.