Friday, August 21, 2009

What ever happened to "majority rules"?

Matt takes a stab at what this might mean:

It seems, though, that the GOP has decided that if they use filibusters to obstruct congressional action that the press will keep reporting this in a "congress fails to do X" kind of way rather than a "GOP obstructionism" kind of way, which makes filibusters a win-win for Republicans. Be that as it may, the filibuster is a bad idea and should be done away with. Given how hard the Democratic caucus whined about the "nuclear option" just a couple of years ago, they couldn't do it without being called hypocrites, but that's just further evidence of what a bad idea the "Gang of 14" deal was.

It seems clear to me that this current minority doesn't like being a minority very much. While this is a perfectly legal way to go about doing things, the unprecedented way its being trotted out is troubling. Remember in School-house Rock how they sang about how a bill becomes a law? Well, that's no longer true. The majority doesn't get to rule. Now you need a Super-majority to rule. I heard a smart person liken it to playing basket ball on a 12-foot hoop. You make scoring 20% more difficult. Same thing is happening in the US Senate right now. They're playing on a 12 foot hoop because the minority wants to...

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