Friday, April 24, 2009

No Debate

There has been a lot of debate nationally over the actions that were taken under the Bush administration to extract information from accused terrorists. Last week CIA memos were released documenting what we did and who authorized it. The defenders of the techniques used argue two things: 1) What we did wasn't torture and 2) Even if it were, it worked. So, stop complaining. The second point is absurd on its face. If it worked is hardly the point. Torture isn't only illegal when fruitless. But the first point is worth examination. What has the position on Water-boarding (The most famous of the many tactics used) been historically? Have we always been cool with it? What happened to people (Foreign and domestic) who did it in the past?

As it happens, those who say Water-boarding isn't torture are arguing against about a century's worth of a little thing lawyers call "legal precedent".

Take it away Keith:

Now you know. Act accordingly.

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