Friday, April 24, 2009

Mock This

OK. In honor of the NFL draft Saturday , I'm posting my Mock top-10. I'm not going to pretend any projections beyond that are worth anything, because they're not.

Feel free to mock my selections.

1. Detroit- M. Stafford (Full disclosure: they just signed him before I sat down to write this)
2. St. Louis- E. Monroe
3. Kansas City- A. Curry
4. Seattle- M. Sanchez
5. Cleveland- M. Crabtree
6. Cincinatti-J. Smith
7. Oakland- B. Raji
8. Jacksonville- J. Maclin
9. Green Bay- A. Smith (As a fan I'd like Orakpo here but Smith is a better pick under this scenario in my opinion. )
10. San Fran- B. Orakpo

If I get six right I'll be shocked.

Can you do better?

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