Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Bowl Breakdown (from a Steeler's fan)

I thought my fellow cheese-heads might be interested in how one of my buddies, a die-hard Steeler fan, sees this match-up. I can't say I disagree much with his analysis except for the deeper spots on the Packers roster that I wouldn't expect him to know much about. Obviously the game will be decided by how these players match-up with their counterparts, but its a good starting point for conversation. Enjoy:

QB (Equal its about rings. When Aaron gets 2 then their equal stats dont mean anything. Pure talent wise Arod gets the nod but if it was all about talent and not teams and games and will other players would be in SB every year)

RB (Medenhall > Starks) I dont even see this as debatable. Granted yes starks has more yards then any RB in playoffs. He also didnt run agnst the ravens and jets.

WR (GB > PITT) Our WRs are good but their rookies except for ward and wallace. Wallace is prob one of the fastest wrs in the game a desean like player with less drama. GBs Wrs Jennings, Jones, Nelson, and Driver are probably the best core in FB.

TE (PITT > GB) H. Miller is masher pro bowl TE and he a great rb blocker.

K (GB > PITT) Mason Crosby is money.

Olines (GB > Pitt) W/ Pouncey its equal. It was just last year the GB had one of the worst lines in FB. Both QBS cover up crappy line play. Pitt one aganist Card with 32 ranked oline. That says a lot.


Safety (Pomalu > whoever you have its about rings, exp, and what he brings he will be in the hall fame. Not even debatable.
Best of 2 safeties in the Game with Ed Reed.)
OLB 1 ( Harrison vs. Clay) Equivalent
OLB 2 (Woodley > GB) Probowls, Superbowls, and has most sacks this post season
NT (Hampton vs Raji) Raji is younger less proven ill say equal. Hamption is perenial probowler with Hlo Ngata of the ravens.
Coverage GB > PITT. Woodson, and that other new stud are great. Our weakness can be in the Pass D. Pomalu covers up for
a lot of our holes. McFadden aint hot, Gay is a great corner blitzer, Taylor is a very solid Corner.
DEs (PITT > GB) Kiesel, Hood

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