Monday, September 14, 2009

The Loyal Opposition

Fredomworks, Glenn Beck, and a host of other groups organized a march in washington on saturday to protest big government, high taxes and, well, see for yourself:


SAK said...


You are complaining about protestors signs. Thats what protestors do. Are you saying the left has class in their demonization efforts? They treated Bush so tastefully? Do you remember when the Dems booed his State of the Union? Was that okay? Why werent they forced to apologize. The Republican guy did, repeatedly. I am confused. The fact is, the claims were that there were 46 million uninsured. That number included illegals. The new number was reduced to 30 million after the comment. Why is that? Did you know that the 3200 bill didnt require identification to get health care? So what good is it to say no illegals, but not require proof of citizenship. That is just like ACORN not requiring ID to vote. Why is that okay? Did you know that they took that out of the bill after Wilson called him a liar? OOPS. You probably dont know it because it is not reported. As far as Beck, I am not sure what you are talking about. Why dont you investigate his claims and show us on your blog which claims are false? Are you aware of the unlawful scandals of ACORN? Are you aware of the voter fraud indictments? Are you aware of the history and comments of the Czars? Do you even know what they believe? If so, give me some education. Why are all of these stories ignored by your preferred providers of information? Not news worthy? Why are they minimizing the protests in Washington? Why didnt they do that with the antiwar protestors that were not even close to the numbers that were in Washington? Remember Pelosi, Bush Lied! Why did they ignore the Green fascist? Are you aware of his associations. Doesnt that scare you? Have you even heard the comments of the Communications Czar? He applauds Chavez's shutting down of the free press and free speech in Venezuela. Are you okay with that. Do you think they should force talk radio off of the air? Shut everyone up so we can do what we want! Not going to happen in the information age. There is a reason why the ratings for mainstream are so poor. Most people dont take them seriously because they know the truth from other sources. Looking forward to seeing the truth from your perspective.

jack b. said...


There are a lot of questions in your post. I'll try to go one by one: 1) i haven't complained about anything nor have i made comment. i think the pictures do all the talking. 2)honestly, i didn't pay attention to the anti-war protests, but i'm sure it got ugly and out of hand. he did invade a country for no reason, though...3)i saw the video of the "booing", sounded more like a grumble to me, but to answer your question: there are rules in the House that forbid calling the president a liar. thats why.... i love the concept that we can do anything in this country that undocumented people won't benefit from. they're here illegally. so, they lie to gain access to things. 3200 said plainly NO ILLEGALS WILL BENEFIT FROM ANY OF THESE PROVISIONS. i'll grant you that they didn't include a citizenship verification to be allowed access, but that is the same way we do it today. the worst thing you can accuse them of is preserving the status quo. in order for an undocumented person to gain access, they'd have to lie about their status. if they say "i'm here illegally", they'd be denied. check the fact check link i added to my Wilson post. Its all there. see, i do know about it :-)...ACORN. you guys love to hate them for some reason. i can't figure out why. it seems like they're a crumby group. why are they any more relevant then any other corrupt group out there? i can't figure it out. you'd think they were trying to take over the country or something... who calls these people Czars, anyway? who came up with that? regardless of who they are or what they believe, they are advisers. they advise on a specific subject. if their advise is unsound they'll be ignored or replaced.... no one with any power is advocating shutting down talk radio. that was a favorite rant of Hannity's for a while, but there is nothing to it. i'm afraid i can't watch glen beck long enough to listen to much of what he says. i get about 5 minutes in and my head starts to hurt. the guy is not tethered to reality very well, and cannot be taken seriously. i don't doubt that he makes good points and raises valid issues from time to time, but he does the truth a disservice by it being in his mouth. he's that nutty.