Thursday, March 5, 2009

TO, looking for work, again...

I feel bad for Mr. Terrell Owens. The man is supremely talented and for that reason has been given multiple chances to reinvent himself. My theory is that he is an emotionally disturbed person with deep insecurity that is easily inflamed. I've seen a few news items on his upbringing and so on that make it a reasonable assumption. Once you get to the level he has gotten to, where people pay millions for your services and the media and your fans can't seem to get enough of you, it tends to stifle the environment needed for healing and emotional growth. So, we have a man-child. One that no one seems to be able to tolerate for very long. And it seems like his career may never recover:

A random survey of NFL teams Thursday, one day after the Cowboys released Terrell Owens, revealed next to no interest in the mercurial wide receiver. Ten receiver-needy teams were contacted, and these are the responses that filtered in throughout the day:

“Never,” from one team.

“T.O. leaves too much carnage wherever he plays,” from another.

And the most damning comment came from another receiver-needy team, in which one executive compared Owens to Barry Bonds and how people in this league “don’t want (jerks). He could wind up sitting out the same way Barry did.”

Forget about a big-money deal. It appears Owens will be fortunate to simply get a deal.

Now Dallas is willing to have $9.675 million count against its salary cap for Owens not to be there. That is as damning as any words any executive issued Thursday.


Good luck, TO.

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